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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Big Mango

On Friday I had the good fortune (sorta) to go to NYC w/ a client for an appointment at Mt. Sinai.

I live in upstate NY and was pleasantly surprised to find that taking the train in from Croton-on-Hudson was fairly easy..... and cheap! It was only $7.50 to get to Grand Central Station and 6 measly bucks to park all day at the station lot.

Oh the sightseeing! First there was the NY Public Library and my long time obsession of Library Hotel, an unusual hotel that arranges their rooms by the Dewey Decimal System. In my fantasies I pretend I live at Library.

Then the cab cut through Central Park, you couldn't ask for better people watching on such a beautiful summer day.

Next up Madison Ave. and every store I cannot afford to even window shop at, squee Betsy Johnson!

Finally a nice walk up 5th Ave outside Central Park and down Museum Mile. It took every ounce of strength I have not to go rushing into the Guggenheim.

Hmmm...... I have a whole weekend free in August and I never did get to check out The Pink Pussycat.


Lydia said...

Argh! I wanna go to the big apple! I should come out and we could go together. it would be fun. us two weird-o girls in NYC. i think billy and chris would need to have bail money at the ready!

phairhead said...

You said it sister, our boys like to tussle!