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Monday, July 21, 2008


Like a hundred billion other people, I saw The Dark Knight this weekend. wow! It was dark and powerful and lushly directed. Big thumbs up to Christopher Nolan of Memento fame.

Of course there's been the buzzing of the killer bees around Heath Ledger, posthumous Oscar winner anyone?

Yes yes, Ledger was fascinating to watch. But the heart and soul of the movie is Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon. The much beleaguered and put upon Jim Gordon was phenomenal to watch. Gary Oldman is one of my absolute favourite actors and he really brings it home in this film.

Also, should the time ever arise and Gary Oldman wants to marry me and whisk me off to London, my boyfriend is prepared to step aside. He knows he can't compete with a man with an accent!


Lydia said...

Yes, but...

Gary Oldman is a crazy right-wing freako.

Depressing but true!

Can't wait to see the Dark Knight, though.

Today'sTheDayForHomerJ said...

I still have to say it, I agree with the buzz this time. Ledger was, without a doubt in my noggin, the true "heart and soul" of The Dark Knight. Hats off to the entire cast though, they played it in such a way that it all seemed like it could have really happened.