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Friday, July 11, 2008

What did you call me?

BITCH! Hee, it's fun to do that. 'member when bitch was such an offensive word then it became socially acceptable. Well, my favourite independent magazine has fought very hard to reclaim that word.

I heart Bitch magazine with every fiber of my being. The articles are passionate, interesting and provocative. Plus they give the skinny on all the latest koolest bands, books and websites you never get to hear about in mainstream mags.

I also love that Bitch features no fashion spreads. Not that I have anything against clothes ( i'm a major clotheshorse but a bargain hunter) But I do feel irate at Glamour and Elle for showcasing the latest Marc Jacobs ensemble on an anorexic zombie. Sorry I can't fucking afford $200 for a pair of shoes and I certainly don't want to compare myself to a 1000 ft tall 90 lb model staring listlessly from the glossy pages at me.

My only complaint about Bitch is it can take itself a little too seriously sometimes. Lighten up, will ya? I'm allowed to wear makeup and be a feminist at the same time.

With enough readers and support from people like you, one day Bitch will be available monthly instead of quarterly. One day.....

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