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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lincoln Park after Dark

Well it's sandel weather people. That time of year when I like to expose my little piggies. And for the entire glorious summer (and part of spring) I paint my toenails.

I will use only one brand of nailpolish. OPI. It has it all, beautiful colors ranging from pastel pink to neon green, chip resistence and quick drying capabilities, and most important of all, wacky names for the polishes. My favourite monikers are I'm Not a Waitress Red, Aphrodite's Pink Nighty and Mod Hatter.

OPI comes out with new colors for every season with a theme. This summer they are featuring brights. For a more detailed analysis of the freshest bunch of colors please see my awesome friend Lydia's blog

Time to retouch Blue my Mind. Betcha can't guess what color that is.

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