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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Go Tag Yourself!

My lovely friend Lydia at and was too lazy to tag me and honestly my brain is little frazzled to think up anything to write about. Here goes.

5 Things I have in my bag:

1. 50 Thousand lip glosses from Burt's Bees, Sexy Motherpucker, Boots and Flirt!
2. A tampon, it's that time of the month
3. My work ID, I think it's hideous but my co-worker Rigo said I looked joyful. Who can say?
4. Tweezers, hey you never know.
5. Condoms, I don't use them and they end up in the weirdest places.

5 Things in my room:

Sheesh what a loaded question! I live in the loft of my parents' house, so it's not really my room per se.

1. My grammy's bed, she passed away and I bequeathed it to myself.
2.My futon, which in short time will no longer have a mattress. Long story.
3. My CD's, yes yes I am big technophobe and will be switching over to MP3's soon but for now I embrace the old way.
4. My beautiful walnut book case chock full of varied pieces of literature.
5. A gigantic pile of shoes for all four seasons.

5 Things I want to do:

1. Become a published successful writer.
2. Spend a month in Milan.
3. Buy more CD's
4. Learn to speak German.
5. Make the perfect Mojito.

5 Things I'm into:

1. Vietnamese food, it's spicy, light, crispy, yum
2. Joe Strummer, RIP Joe.
3. Mr. Men and Little Miss, great British books and a funny cartoon and they are on suggestive T-shirts for 30-somethings that refuse to grow up.
4. Writing, my short story will be done by Aug. 1
5. That 80's song "Whisper to a Scream" by Icicle Works. It's fun to sing along to!

I won't be passing this along to anyone else. I can't be hemmed in by rules.

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