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Monday, September 8, 2008

Dream State

I haven't felt like writing. Which is ironic since my dream is to become a successful published writer. I blame on the fact that I had too much time on my hands this summer. Now it's back to writing everyday, doing exercises, journaling.

I took my boyfriend out to breakfast/lunch a few weekends ago (and no it was not brunch, he ate breakfast and I ate lunch) to one of our favourite diners, The Gateway. He tucked into corned beef hash and runny sunny side up eggs with a BIG cup of coffee. I had perfect French Fries. *drool drool*

On the drive home, I had remembered that long ago, I had a crazy idea for a book. I would go across country reviewing diners and local points of interest. (e.g. slice of cherry pie and the world's biggest ball of twine. side note: where is the world's biggest ball of twine?) At the time I quickly dismissed this wacky notion but now I think it could be a truly awesome coffee table book.

If only I could get motivated about writing....

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