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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Ladder to Nowhere

It's Wednesday, time for Top Model recap!

Self edit: my mistake folks, this year there is a twist, there are 14 "chosen ones". Not 13 as I had originally posted.

This week, there was weird ass "yr a racist, no I'm not" argument. blahblahblah who cares? Benny Ninja, of the House of Ninja (see Paris is Burning to understand), taught the ladies about extreme posing. They had a pose off, of which I did not watch (ah! the wonders of Tivo, sorry but I couldn't sit through that humiliation) and Elina was the wiener. whoopee do.

The photo shoot (yay!) had the chicks dressed in couture gowns posing on a ladder, which was later CGI'd onto a hot air balloon. There were good times and lame times.

*drum roll* The top photo for the week belongs to...... Lauren Brie. huh? who? LB is a blonde bland face in the crowd. And going home is Nikeysha the blabbermouth, seriously that chick couldn't stop talking.

All in all, a so-so episode. 12 plastic broads remain!

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