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Sunday, September 21, 2008

stolen idea

I have just come back from a long wedding weekend. I spying this at who got it from Let the fun begin!

My favorite age: 32
My best friend: Cris
My celebrity crush: heehee. honestly, Peter Sellers or Hugh Jackman or Moby.
My defining characteristic: boobs or eyes, depends on who you ask. personality trait, nerdiness
My most evil moment: I don't have an evil bone in my body : )
My favorite food: wow, that's a toughie! right now, I'm thinking BLT on rye with avocado
My grossest injury: I ripped off my middle finger nail in door.
My biggest hatred: Intolerant idiots and children they carelessly breed.
My most illegal activity: Too embarrassing to mention.
My need for justice: Scumbags that harm children or animals. sheesh I really am a girly girl!
My most knowledgeable field: Meaningless trivia. Come on use me as a ringer on Trivia Night.
My life's goal: Get published and live on a beach.
My mother's influence: Dammit I'm a good cook w/ strong convictions.
My nerdiest point: Are you kidding me? Since birth.
My oldest memory: Crying in my crib, I wanted to be held. I got what I wanted.
My perfect date: Drinks, dinner, good conversation.
My unanswered question: How hot will I look in the afterlife?
My random fact: I never make my bed.
My stupidest decision: Not getting into case management sooner.
My favorite television show: A 3 way tie of The Simpsons, Family Guy and Metalocalypse. Hmmm..... sensing a theme here.
My style of underwear: Well since I buy underwear when I'm depressed, I have a variety. Current fave, hot pink lace thongs.
My favorite vegetable: Soybeans, yumma yumma yumma.
My weakest trait: I have no god damned patience!
My X-men power: Force field or invisibility. That way I could drive like an utter asshole and just bounce off of the other cars.
My strongest yearning: Professional writer.
My moment of Zen: Saturday morning laying in bed with boyfriend, the day a limitless possibility.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great answers! Ouch on the finger!