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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't Make me Under

Wed= Top Model recap! woo to the hoo.

Week three is generally my fave as it's makeover week. This season had a twist, the contestants did not know what kind of hair cut they would be receiving and all the mirrors in the salon were covered up and/or removed. Marjorie, Mackey and Samantha all turned out fab. However, Elina the bisexual, black pants wearing, Angelina Jolie worshiping, (Really? that's yr idol? ooooookkkkkkkk) pseudo intellectual turkey brain got a horrible horrible curly red weave. She looks like the love child of Farrah Fawcett and Ronald McDonald.

For the challenge, the chicks had to embarrass themselves by making a mock 30 second improvised Cover Girl commercial. Again I praise the gods of Tivo. Hannah won because of her "aw shucks" cuteness.

This weeks photo shoot was the hamsters posing in bathing suits w/out the help of the tanned piece of luggage, I mean Jay Manual photo stylist or something. The dude is orange, I cannot concentrate when he's on screen. Anyway! Assisting this week was Susan Whatsherface, retired model and "designer". She did little in helping the girls perform better. Best of the week was Elina, who totally lied and said she was embracing her new look. I disagree, but what the hell do I know, I'm 15 lbs overweight and barely 5'1". Sent packing was Britney because she was pretty and not edgy. Fickle gods of fate!

Hmmmm..... dripping in sarcasm, that's the charm of me.

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