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Saturday, October 25, 2008

You got the Peaches, I got the Cream....

The Capital District is an odd mish mash of self breeding chain restaurants, stellar 50 tantalizing kinds of awesome affordable places and eateries I can never dream of going into as they probably tax you for breathing in the air.

A few weeks ago Sexy Beast, some friends and myself went to Peaches Cafe in Styvesant Plaza. I have never been in as I remember waaaaaay back when my mother and I were shopping and hungry. We paused for a minute outside of the then named Peaches and Cream and she said, "Oh I don't know. We could probably split a sandwich." I think I said something like not on yr life old woman, I don't share food, esp. when dining out. After that Peaches (& Cream) became synonymous w/ overpriced brunch place.

Well majority won me over this particular Saturday. I have to tell you, the menu was very sinful. Most of my peeps went w/ stuffed French toast. Lone wolf that I am (and I also have to have my cholesterol and blood sugar checked!) went w/ fresh fruit and quiche Lorraine. Quiche Lorraine is the queen of all quiches........ sorry I was day dreaming : ) However, the Peaches staff didn't exactly give me a heaping helping, I mean you would think for 9.50 I would get at least a quarter of a quiche w/ some edible garnish.

Next time I go, I will be armed w/ gift certificates.


Mr. Dave said...

Peaches and Cream.... Sorry, bad memories. Me and half my friends worked there in high school (about 10 years ago, I'm old). Lets just say I wouldn't eat there, it was such a weird eatery environment with tons of weird people working there. The owners were kind of lame too.

Albany Jane said...

I'm with you there - it's way too expensive for what you get. Sure it's OK, but their food's always been on par with diner food to me.

phairhead said...

Mr Dave: i agree the whole atmosphere to the place is odd. trying to be upscale but not really.

AlbanyJane: thank god I'm not alone in the non-bandwagaonesque love of Peaches Cafe