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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weasel Pot Pie

2 weeks ago Sexy Beast, some friends and myself went to the vast wasteland that is Northern Lights, a bar/music venue. It's stinky, dark, the AC leaks and the drinks are overpriced. Sexy Beast wanted a Red Bull and vodka, it was 10 bucks! And they didn't even use Red Bull but Monster.

Anyway, I digress, the occasion for going to that dive was to see Buckethead. He is a guitar virtuoso. He did things to that instrument that I didn't think were possible. Buckethead never speaks, always remains in character. He wasn't wearing his KFC bucket but a white sand pail and a navy blue boiler suit. Plus Sexy Beast held me up to the see the stage, a first for me.

The only crap thing about the evening was Buckethead's opening act, this lame-o was called That One Guy. He played an instrument that he invented, something called a Magic Stick. It was more like Magic Dildo. He basically slapped gigantic phallus around, sounded like some throwing beer bottles on a drum head. That jackass played his awful music for 1 hour. 1 hour! Since when does the opening act ever do that.

To cap off the night we headed to TGI Friday's as it was the only place open. Normally I HATE chain restaurants but the cheeseburger was pretty damn tasty.

mmmmm burger *drool drool*


Smirking Cat said...

Magic Stick? Was he a comedian?

phairhead said...

Sadly no. but we all thought he was a colossal joke