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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Work it like the Rent is Due!

Wed recap day!

Episode 4 is usually dedicated to teaching the hamsters how to perfect their runway walks. It's always hilarious and this episode did not disappoint!

The challenge was to walk in an actual fashion show by this really scary dude w/ a chemo therapy haircut. (Seriously who's gonna go their hair stylist and say "Just shave off wherever. Don't worry about making it look even. I wanna look like I escaped from a mental institution.") First ever elimination before judging! Hannah was kicked to the curb for her atrocious wind up doll on speed Gestapo agent walk. The winner was Joselyn, who sorta kinda reminds me of Season 6 winner Danielle.

Onto the photo shoot which was inspired by Tyra Banks's wanna be avantguarde imagination. The chicks had to pose in a jacuzzi with just their eyes and nose exposed. Whatever.

During judging Tyra announced someone else would be getting their walking papers. Wowie wow double elimination! The best of the bunch was douche bag Clark. Ugh I hate her, she's merely conventionally attractive and such an asshole. And our tranny-licious season is over as Isis tossed out of the competition.

And the group is getting smaller. More insanity next week.

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