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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I just finished typing a most perfect post and for some goddamned reason I got an error message when it was supposed to publish. FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!

OK, as most of you noticed I did not recap Top Model last week. The episode for Oct. 15th was a recap, show boring bits that we didn't air and filler crapfest. What's the point in recapping a recap. That's an oxymoron on par with military intelligence.

This week heralded the return of the Aswirl Twins, 2 African American dandies that teach...... ummm..... swirling I guess. It's all very confusing and over the top. And there was the crazy ass challenge. The chicks were in a blue screen fashion show, so only the garments and accessories appeared on stage, bizarro. Elina won, and as there so few hamsters left and Elina isn't a total illiterate dumbass, I can say half-heartedly "good for you, Elina" and sorta mean it.

There was no photo shoot for the week. Instead I had to suffer through the hawking of the nasty ass Covergirl products. And the girls show off how they can't act in a commercial. I fastforwarded through most of the inanity.

The big wiener of the week was Annaleigh. Meh, she's pretty average in every way. And Jocelyn was given da boot for sucking for many weeks now.

Next week, the bitches are off to Amsterdam, Holland.


Mr. Dave said...

Hmmm.... I just became the first one to follow your blog and then what do I read? "...oxymoron on par with military intelligence." It just so happens that I am an Officer of the Military Intelligence type, and fairly intelligent at that! (at least that is what my mommy tells me.)

Smirking Cat said...

I can't tell from this if you love the show or hate it! to hate it?

phairhead said...

Mr. Dave: It's all in jest. My pop is a retired warant officier from the National Guard. : )

SC: I hate that I love and that I hate it. heehee