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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Like me! You Really Like me!

Happy ANTM recap day!

Lots o' trash talking this episode. Ladies, a word of advice, let go the bitchiness.

Tyra lead the girls in a lesson/surprise challenge. The chicks had to create a signature pose. My tres belle Marjorie won with her Hunchback of Notre Dame stance. She won a most excellent prize of diamond jewelry. Magnifique!

Then the very funny photo shoot. The hamster were recreating cliched moments at award shows. The top photo went to Marjorie. Hurray, she's my fave! She had a turban on like some 1970's hot mama and trying to take a leak but she can't get out of her dress. The big loser was Lauren Brie. Bland, blonde and boring. As I predicted, she has been cast aside.

Until next week...

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