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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mini Vacay!

MLK weekend SexyBeast and I went to Portsmouth,NH. I found a really great deal for the Fairfield Mariott on, only 60 bucks a night and it was central to everything. Now, I lived in NH for nearly 7 years but never once have gone to Portsmouth. Thank Allah for iphone GPS.

Here's some awesome pictures our the neato throw blanket thingy that decorated our KING size bed. It was more for decoration than warmth. And the 50 stylish kinds of awesome chaise longe and rug. Not only that, we had a copy of the Bible and the Book of Morman. SexyBeast can be seen here reading the words of Joseph Smith.

Then we trucked on over to the Seacoast Museum and lingered on the freezing cold beach to take in the view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Isles of Shoals.

Then the drinking began!!! We checked out the Redhook factory and took a tour and sampled and drank. Oh and we also ate some yummy burgers. All the food at Redhook is prepared with beer. And as a geeky side note, I have officially been to both Redhook factories, the other being near Seattle, WA. Although, Lydia ( and http://www.kiss-and-makeup, and I missed the tour 'cause we were having too much fun at the winery across the road. Check out the heiffeweisen and doppleboch.

We proceeded downtown and low and behold at the snooty tooty kitchen store, they had a wine tasting. SexyBeast purchased a bottle of sparkling Pinot Noir. It was sooooooo tasty. We checked out a few stores, my fave was Marco Polo. A fun and wacky place that sells Paul Frank wallets, penis pasta and ironic magnets. It reminded me of Archie McPhee's. I picked up a pin up girl car freshener and a boat load of postcards. I collect postcards and when I have my house, I can festoon the place w/ my collection.

Then it really freakin' cold, so SexyBeast and I hung out at the Portsmouth Brewery to try and decide where to go for dinner. This time I abstained from any alcoholic beverages. But look at how much fun I had.

Finding a place for dinner was a gigantic pain in the asshole. We waited at The Rosa Restaurant for 45 minutes, watching other people get tables ahead of us. At which point it was nearly 8pm and we were tired and hungry. In the cold dark we found McMenemy's upscale Irish pub. SexyBeast had lobster mac n' cheese. It's like him, rugged and refined. I had lamb strogenoff over pesto ravioli. I'm not sure what says about my personality.

We left the next day in a wicked snow storm after we picked up some cheap booze at one of the many state liquor stores.

This trip met all my expectations and I cannot wait for our week long trip to Acapulco next month. Details to follow.


Lydia said...

Mini vacays rock. my goal is to have one mini vacay every month this year. we'll see.

sparkling pinot sounds yummy.

phairhead said...

the only problem is I don't remember the name of the wine. :(

Albany Jane said...

Those are my favorite kinds of vacations, too! Maybe it's something to do with having the attention span of a gnat, but girl, I love all of the in-your-face fun you had!

And the stroganoff over pesto ravioli sounds freakin' goooo-ood.