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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a Wenis!

Hiya, folks. Today is Top Chef recap day. I have a bad case o' the blahs. And today a friend in the HIV community died in his sleep. I'm tired and on edge but I'm ready to recap.

Quickfire Challenge was a doozy. Create a dessert treat w/out using sugar of any kind. No white, brown, confectioner, organic, etc. Nada con azucar! And winning immunity is Radhika. I like her, she has a quiet power to her. She served up a sassy bread pudding. I can't help but add that my mother (who owns and operates a bakery) makes the most out of this world bread pudding. The secret is she uses cake tops instead of bread. And sucking it big time were thyroid eyes Carla 'cause she should have had frozen bananas but the freezer door kept opening and she had to saute them which was, I guess, kinda yucky tasting. Ariane's crepe which lacked originality and Jaime's stone fruit napoleon. We weren't given an explanation, maybe she added salt : )

Elimination Challenge was to go balls out and make whatever you want for new judge Toby Young, a mean spirited British food critic. Toby will be replacing Gail, perhaps she's recuperating from liposuction. And of course there's a twist. The cheftestants were broken into two groups, while one group cooks and serves, the other group will be judging. SURPRISE! Personally, I didn't think the cheftestants would purposely fuck anybody over just to get ahead. And I was proved right. The big whiner was Jaime, who did scallops re-deux, but this week actually cooked the scallops. And twist number two, 2 chefs will be eliminated this week. And packing their knives and going are Melissa for cat food tuna tacos. Melissa was really bland to me, very indistinguishable. And Eugene, finally! He has no idea how sucky his dishes were, he came up w/ some crazy concoction of over salted fried fish and daikon "linguine".

1o chefs left!


Lydia said...

melissa the bad bangs girl kept saying that tuna tacos were "so her" and that they represented her. did you find that cringe worthy? I sure did...but then i think college scarred me. remember when jen and her prince charming bf used to talk about *ahem* furry tuna tacos? ick. barf. gag.

sorry...had to share that rotten memory with someone. i feel much better now!

phairhead said...

Jen was a white trash wannabe. Did that ever make any sense to you? Why would you want to be low class?

M. Da Glyde Woodrow said...

I believe Gail got married, just remembering the bridal shower challenge.

M. Da Glyde Woodrow said...

p.s. Toby...I don't like him so far.

phairhead said...

Toby Young is like Simon Cowell, he's hurtful things just to be a dick.

I had thought that Gail was MIA 'cause of marriage but usually the bridal shower is month before the wedding. Ah, the wonders of TV