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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stop Eating Boring Tuna! Stop Having a Boring Life!

Before I start my insane ramblings, I am beholden to remark one of the fallen. I noticed that NaughtyScholar has removed her blog. If yr reading this, please know the interweb is a lonelier place without you. Yr a sensitive, passionate woman w/ a big heart. Never forget that.

A few weeks ago, SexyBeasts' upstairs toilet exploded after I peed. Water was EVERYWHERE. It leaked in through the kitchen ceiling and out a light fixture. We used every towel he owned to clean up the mess. And those towels promptly got thrown in the nearest trash receptacle. We wet-vac'd the water living in the carpets. About a gallon of H2O!

A few days later, SexyBeast was espousing the virtues of Sham-Wow. For those of you not in the know, Sham-Wow is a super absorbent chamois made by Germans from space age polymers. And the dude selling it is a excited freakazoid named Vince Offer. Vince Offer, people!

But where was Vince and the Sham-Wow when there was toilet water filling the apartment?Apparently at CVS for $19.99. SexyBeast was wonderfully surprised when I brought it home. We got 4 big ones and 4 little ones for 20 bucks! And you can throw it in the wash w/ yr regular laundry. But don't put it in the dryer as it ruins the wowness of the Sham-Wow.

The shit works, esp. at soaking up puddles of spilled PBR. Now, I'm waiting to see if CVS will be selling The Slap Chop and Gratey. Fingers crossed....


Lydia said...

His name is Vince Offer? That guy's totally scary. Don't be fooled by imitators!!!!

Exploding toilets suck. we had one die on easter sunday many years back. apparently every store in WA state shuts down on easter sunday. Good luck finding a plunger! what a mess.

phairhead said...

On Easter Sunday? Did you perform baptisisms : )

I have mixed emotions about Easter. I got my first period on an Easter when I was 13

metalchick666 said...

Wow I read so many bad reviews of the Sham Wow, it really works?

phairhead said...

MC666, really and truly Sham-wow works!

a片 said...