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Thursday, January 22, 2009

E-I-E-I D'oh!

My apologies for the lateness in the Top Chef recap but SexyBeast & I had a Lost party yesterday.

In the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had a surprise. Why, it's Hung, winner of Top Chef season 3! I didn't like his food. I found it to be unsatisfying and snooty, kinda like Hung. Anyways, the chefs had to make a dish using only canned or processed food, and because Hung was a Quick Draw McGraw, they only had 15 minutes to complete this challenge. I had a feeling of deja vu. This was a very similar Quickfire Challenge from season 2 during the Thanksgiving epi. Everything old is new again! Sucking this week were my gal Leah for her waffles, KoolwHip and sausage medley. She fried the waffles. Say what? Leah, get yr head in the game, girl! My other homie, Radhika's red bean dip and toast, not really a dish, more of a snack. And last, and most certainly, least, Jaime for for dumping artichokes and beans on a plate and calling it bruschetta. Winning immunity is Smug Stefan, that I loves a whole bunch, with his baked bean and Spam soup and grilled Spam-wich. Spam Spam Spam Spam! Oops, sorry. Flashback.

for not being able to butcher or tie lamb. There was a lot controversy regarding this decision. Hosea knows how to butcher lamb and didn't step in to help or take over. Leah knew how to tie lamb but didn't fix For the Elimination Challenge, we did a complete 180. The cheftesants were randomly broken into 3 groups of 3 and brought to an organic farm to use the freshest (& most alive) meats and produce to make lunch for the farm hands while still keeping mind the seasonality of the dishes. We have our pigs (Jeff, Radhika and Fabio), our cocks, I mean chickens! (Stefan, Jaime and Carla), and our little lost lambs (Hosea, Leah and Ariane) Big time winners, surpassing everyone, was team chicken. They made a scrumptious roast chicken, chicken cutlets over corn salad, tomato salad, chicken ravioli soup and for dessert a strawberry and nectarine tartlet with lemon/thyme cream. I am huge roast chicken fan, I could eat it once a week. I also love any kind of home made chicken soup. Campbell's sucks! And packing their knives and going home is Ariane for not being able to butcher and tie lamb. There was a lot of controversy regarding this decision. Hosea knew how to butcher lamb but help or offer to take over the lamb. Lean knew how to tie but didn't correct Ariane's mistakes. Personally, I'm glad Ariane is gone. She was too inconsistent.

Next week: Restaurant Wars!

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Lydia said...

Man...I don't know who I dislike more: Hosea or Leah. Probably Leah, though it's like having to pick between evil ham and equally evil broccoli.

I know I shouldn't but I sorta like Stephan too. He's very talented and so full of ego that I almost have to like him! :)