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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Declare War

I would just like to apologize for yesterday's post. I'm still trying to get the hang of posting pictures w/in the text of my post. And truthfully, it looks really sucky. Anywhoo, time for Top Chef recap.

For the Quick Fire Challenge, the cheftesants could make whatever they wanted in 30 minutes. The winner will not be receiving immunity anymore but take heart loyal readers, they will be compensated in some way. The guest judge picked his two faves and they will be going head to head in RESTAURANT WARS. MUHAHAHAHAHA! Sucking it were Jeff, whom I HATE (stupid pretty boy), for making a boring salmon and Fabio, cause his dish was all over the place. And winners were Radhika with her cod and veggies in a cream sauce and my homegirl Leah, who served up tempura poisson w/ Asian herbs and spices.

For the Elimination Challenge, Radhika and Leah hand picked their teams. Poor Stefan was last kid picked. The winners were responsible for creating the menu, the look of the restaurant and delegating tasks. Sadly, neither Radhika nor Leah could really get a handle on being The Boss and the more vocal members of their crews walked all over them.

Radhika went w/ a global influenced restaurant she named Sahana, a Sanskrit word meaning strong and powerful. (yr majoring in Sanskrit?! that's a 2000 year old dead language! sorry but I love the movie PCU) Leah went w/ with an Asian theme, Stephen named Sunset Lounge. And it was a close foot race but the diners' comment cards chose Sunset Lounge as the best. Unfortunately, Leah did not perform so hot 'cause she jacked up her fish. And the big winner of the competition was Stefan and his fabulous desserts.

Packing their knives and going was Radhika because she didn't take a firm hand w/ the team and clearly showed to the world she does not want to be front of the house. Ever. Bye, Radhika. I'll miss you : (


Lydia said...

I was so hoping Leah and What's-his-name would end up being tossed out at once. Cheating on your SO on national TV on the night before an ass-kicking challenge = major fail. Stefan and Fabio saved their butts. Ahhhh, Fabio! Yum.

I still don't know who I'm rooting for. I'm more rooting against people at this point!

phairhead said...

i concur. that was a low blow to their S.O.'s. sneaky petes!

Smirking Cat said...

Blogger is not user-friendly to post pictures. It's pretty sucky, actually.

phairhead said...

SC, thanks for the support. *blush blush*