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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brand New Frontera

And so we come to the close of Top Chef Masters. I personally thought it was a nice change o' pace from regular ole' Top Chef.

No Quickfire Challenge, this is all business folks. And it was probably the most awesome finale challenge ever. The chefs had to tell the food story of their lives: 1st course, 1st food memory. 2nd course, the dish that inspired the chefs to become chefs, 3rd course, the dish that inspired their 1st restaurants and 4th course, the future direction of the chef's culinary path. WOW! That is truly a spectacular way to end this season.

And all the winners of regular Top Chef get to taste the final meal, ooooohhhh hunky Hosea ; )

And the big winner was of course Bayless. Sorry Cheeks! But you can't stop the Mexican machine! Barbequed quail, chicken mole (yum!), roast suckling pig and paella-ish dish. Bayless was my pick from the start and his charity was pretty fucking awesome too, an American farmer's foundation. We need more farmer's markets!

And regular Top Chef is back in the swing o' things


Anonymous said...

is that the same bayless whose brother wakes me up every morning on ESPN First Take? i love the chef bayless, watched his show on PBS all the time, the sports bayless is a little irritating, would rather wake up to natasha/robin ;)

Cheeks said...

*grumbles* His charity is pretty cool, but Hubert was adorable. Just sayin'.

phairhead said...

eternal: yr a PBS lover too? that makes you even more awesome in my book!

cheeks: agreed Hubert is cuter than Bayless