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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Zero Hour

OK, I've decided I've been wallowing long enough. I need a project to complete to fruition. I have a few things going on at the mo'.

#1 Our house closing was Friday. Lots of little things need to be done before we can move in.

#2 I've been sending out my short story "Anchor" electronically. I'm going to get my shit together to start mailing it out the old fashioned way. Which leads me to the thought, Holy Shit I remember when we used carbon paper to copy stuff.

#3 I bought Generation T last month and have yet to make a tired ol' shirt look fabulous and Phairhead-esque. Gotta get on the stick w/ that.

With most of my money going towards house stuff, I'm feeling disappointed that I won't be able to participate in the Boot Camp Challenge at the JCC (Jewish Community Center). It's a 6 week program wherein you get the most intense workout of yr life and learn the nitty gritty of proper nutrition. I think this the thing I need most right now. However, I don't have 250 smackers.

Onward and upward (I hope!)


Leslie said...

Congrats on your house closing! Can't wait to see pics of the casa. :)

Dijea said...

Yes, Congratulations! That's fabulous.

phairhead said...

oh don't worry ladies, lot's of pics to come. and of course lots o' entries. always something to do w/ a new house