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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Graffiti Eyes

Before I start Top Chef recap, I would just like to reiterate, if you don't like my opinions or my posts, don't read my blog. "Freedom of choice is what you want/ Freedom from choice is what you need" --Devo.

Anyways, for the Quickfire, we again are transported back in time to Season 3, when the cheftestants had to put a spin on the much celebrated hamburger. HMMMMMM...... meat. Personally I like mine w/ bleu cheese and pickles. And my hot and VERY TALL chef CJ won that challenge. And the one of the judges for the Quickfire was annoying Spike from Season 4. Bad chef and kinda douchy. And coming in w/ the lowest points was Anita Lo. What? Shocking! She took a chance on making cheddar soup w/ meatballs. Good! But it had no flavour. Bad! And for the first time ever there was tie for the Quickfire winner betwixt Rick Bayless and Michael Chiarello. Both sounded amazing, Rick did a burger queso fundido (crispy cheese) and 3 kinds of guacamole. 3 kinds?! Hello, I'm in love. And Michael did a ginormous burger w/ 4 squishy rolls. Bigger is definitely better.

Some interesting things I have observed, Kelly Choi, the hostess, actually used the word cheftestant. Awesome! She must read Wish I could take credit for that awesome word usage. And the other, wow Michael Chiarello has gotten grey! I loved his show on the Food Network, that is now defunct.

For the Elimination Challenge, cheftestants had to each make a course for a luncheon hosted by Zoey Deschanel of Elf and The Happening fame. And she sings. And has creepy blue eyes like a scary china doll. But of course there is a catch, Zoey is a vegan and has a gluten allergy and hates soy. Wow, no wonder she's so thin. She lives off of air. I also quickly scanned the lunch table for Zoey's famous sister, Emily Deschanel, the star of one of my fave TV shows, Bones. No Emily
: ( And the big winner this week was Michael and his quinoa pasta. It looked really hearty and spicy. Yum. And packing up was Art Smith. Awwww. That sucks. He made me laugh. However, his Rice Dream ice cream w/ strawberry ribbons didn't cut the mustard. Personally I think he should have been spared 'cause he made nut brittle w/ no butter. Miracles!

I'm listening to Sarah Vaughn on pandora. Nice way to end my day.


Leslie said...

I love Bones! Dancing phalanges!

phairhead said...

what a great ensemble cast too!

Cheeks said...

*shakes a fist* Damn you, Bayless - it should've been you!

I will miss Art - I loved it when Art was in the first round and he made that Jonathan guy uncomfortable with his over-the-top homosexual innuendos. So awesome.

Dijea said...

Leslie, I love Bones too! I wish I could get back into my chef mode - maybe I should be watching more food channel.

phairhead said...

Cheeks, you crazy! Bayless rules! kisses

Dijea, also check out Man Vs. Food on the travel channel