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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So I had the great honour and privilege of seeing the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's in concert on Saturday night. HOLY FUCK!!!! So amazing. Unbelievable beyond description. I want to be Karen O. Her voice was magnificent. And she looked dead sexy in her leather outfit. It was perfect.

Except they played the one song I actually despise, "Modern Romance", it's plodding and blah. Heh heh, during "Maps", some drunk fucker douchebag kept reeling back, nearly crushing my work wife. "Hey buddy! Could you move or something? I really like this song." He slobbered all over her, "No! Get in front of me! Get in front of me! No! Get in front of me!" At which point, SexyBeast intervened. He had no idea what was going on, he just assumed Drunken Asshole was hitting on my work wife. "LEAVE HER ALONE! YR REALLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF!" Sexybeast had fury in his eyes..... and fists. Drunken Asshole decided to make amends w/ SexyBeast and shook his hand, to which SexyBeast replied "I have no idea what yr talking about."

They played at a most excellent venue, Northern Lights in Clifton Park. It's located in the suburbs of Saratoga county at a strip mall, next to a church. Good times, esp during the metal shows! I saw Moby perform there w/ Wicked Messenger ( 10 years ago on Aug 3rd. And 10 years later there's still no ventilation and the seating still sucks even though they expanded. But it's a really great place to see live music.

The opening act was a Lady Gaga wannabe, Amanda somebodyorother. Meh to the nth degree.


Anonymous said...

karen o is a babe to be sure

not a huge fan of the band if i'm being honest, like MAPS though

Cheeks said...

I feel like I'm getting old because I'm just now getting into the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. *sigh* Drunken a-holes are a pain at concerts, but it seems like it wouldn't really be a concert without one. Glad to hear it didn't come to blows. :)

So you hate that one song - what's your favorite YYY's song?

Albany Jane said...

I love Maps! Glad you had such a blast, and hooray for machismo and douchey intolerance!

phairhead said...

EL: awww you hurt me : (

Cheeks: my fave probably is "I belong to the Night" or "Tick" Or "Zero" It's Blitz is a fantastic CD.

Miss AJ: word to the wise, if yr at Northern Lights don't order a mixed drink, all 10 bucks and up. boo!

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things: