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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's my Name, Bitch!?

Wow, 2 posts in one day! How does she do it?

As it's Wednesday, I shant neglect my Top Chef recappin' duties. Top Chef Masters ends this week whilst the "real" Top Chef begins. Awesomeness.

For the Quickfire, a personal fave challenge was brought back. Blindfolded taste test! Hee, that's fun to write. Blindfolded taste test! OK, getting off track. Pretty self explanatory, name as many of the 20 food ingredients correctly in 5 minutes blindfolded. Michael Chiarello won w/ 7 out of 10.

Now some may say, Chiarello was being a little dick. Eh, maybe but really I think he took the Elimination Challenge VERY seriously. Can't fault the man to want to win a bajillion dollars for his charity.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to make a luncheon buffet for 200 guests. Oh no, how will they ever pull that off?! They get to choose 3 sous chefs. And not just any sous chefs, former cheftestants ( & one winner. Jesus Elan, do you not have anything better to do?) All the cheftestants interview their potential work mates. Chiarello made everyone show them their knife skills and made them call him "Chef". And dumbass Season 2-er Betty was bitching that she was insulted Chiarello made her call him "Chef". Hmmm, if I recall correctly, when yr somebody's sous chef, that's what you call yr boss. No matter how long you've been professionally chefing. Chiarello gets to pick 1st since he won the Quickfire. Heh heh douchebag Spike from Season 4 was chosen last!

Here's the craziest part, Dale from Season 4, who was a hot head no talent tried to fucking pick a fight w/ Chiarello. He kept screaming at Michael Chiarello while he was trying to prep. "What are you gonna do about it?! What are you gonna do about it?!" Does any anybody ever actually say that after age 16? Dale almost seemed like he was on the 'roids!

Ok, so everybody's dashing around and "surprise" the venue gets to changed. Frenzied packing up. And "surprise" the buffet is being served under the hot southern California sun. And "surprise" the cheftestants have to dump one of their sous chefs. That last surprise was pretty awesome actually.

And the big winner this week was Hubert for making an impressive 18 dishes. 18! Interesting though that the diners scored him low while the judges gave him perfect scores. I'm wondering what the discrepancy was? And packing their knives was Miss Anita Lo. I'm sorry to see the lone female go but nobody wants to eat raw seafood in the blazing sun.

As a side note of interest, I passed the civil servant exam. And I'm proudly patting myself on the back, I placed 6th out of 125. Now we wait...


Cheeks said...

Congratulations on the civil servant exam - woot!

I was so bummed to see Anita leave, but man... she seemed super scatterbrained. Did you watch last night? I was so upset I could hardly sputter out any profanity. And Mr. Cheeks laughed at me because he called it as soon as they tasted the mole. DAMN YOU, BAYLESS!!! *shakes fist*

phairhead said...

Cheeks: yr sweet thanks. heh heh sweet cheeks ; )
I was thinking of you when Bayless won