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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fatty Fatty

So, it's the end of first 4 weeks of boot camp work out. I've diligently been keeping a food diary. And, man, when you are staring at the words, "I drank a lot of cider and lambic. I have no idea how much.", it really makes you reflect on what you've been shoving down yr cake hole.

Class doesn't get any easier, I sweat, swear and force myself to lunge walk across the elementary school gymnasium. I try not to compare myself to the younger women in the class that are much better shape I.

The "drill instructor" informed the class that there we wouldn't see much of a difference in 4 weeks. But my calves and thighs are much more toned, which is fabulous. However, my big fat gut is still around and I have zits all my back, behind my ears and the top of my head. Sounds attractive, no?

I also found out that my caloric intake should not exceed 1875. 1875 calories per day! It's going to be an impossible task.

Onward to the next excruciating 4 weeks....


Daniel B. said...

I still contend that nobody knows anything about the connection between diet and health.

But sweating can never be a bad thing. I'm looking forward to mowing with my reel push mower as the grass starts to grow. It is very cleansing.

Still, I lost a bunch of weight completely unconnected to exercise without starving myself by converting over to whole grains, and increasing the amount of legumes in my diet.

So many delicious and hearty recipes. Cajun red beans & rice, chana masala, Cuban black beans, lentil stew, split pea soup, sweet potato and peanut soup, whole grain pasta with butternut squash and sage, etc. etc.

Good luck with the continued effort.

Unknown said...

You're looking great honey, esp your legs ;).

See I posted a comment :D.

phairhead said...

daniel: i'm w/ ya on the legumes and whole grains. thankfully we're gardening this summer

SB: thanks, honey! I love you!!!