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Saturday, May 22, 2010


If yr a fan of Mr. Dave's blog, then you've read his post on ordering vast amounts of ramen from all over Asia from For 20 bucks plus 3 clams for shipping, we ended up w/ 30 some odd flavours of ramen. As seen above, Sexybeast had spicy beef complete which he added extra sriracha. I had garlic onion. Nom nom nom.
A version of pasta fagioli. I'm trying to fiber up my diet hence the spinach.
I really out did myself w/ this bad boy! Thai beef lettuce wraps. Cilantro, mint and ginger are such clean, crisp flavours and work so yummy together. We had it twice last week. I recommend using Boston bibb lettuce leaves. Otherwise, you'll end up w/ Thai beef in yr hand. Sadly, I couldn't think of a really good side to pair it w/. Anybody have any ideas for next time?


Just A. Girl said...

How about you serve the wraps with a bowl of ramen? Win-win. It all looks delicious.

phairhead said...

JAG: heh heh! Why didn't I think of that?