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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Wrongs of Spring

UGH! Blogger needs a hard bitch slap! Like the kind when you put a little baby powder in yr hand before you smack a ho. ARGH!

We had our annual Bacchus celebration w/ our gang of miscreants and ne'er do-wells this past weekend. And unfortunately because of the stupid blogger head, I am not able to upload the lighting of the ceremonial torch.

But there was drinking and eating and much frivolity on the 1st night.

And on the second day there was laziness and Daria watching and stromboli and lamb shank.

After blogger stops being an asshole, I will upload pictures of the blessed event.


Roaring Lion of Two Fisted Cool said...

Did you wear goat leggings? And sacrifice the Virgin Connie Swale?

phairhead said...

you know it, Pep!

Anonymous said...

i happen to know Blogger personally, he is an asshole, i'm his only friend, ME, that tells you something right there...

phairhead said...

It's a sick, sad world :D