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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Babbling

I had a really good diner breakfast this weekend. Sadly, the service totally sucked monkey balls. I get it, Sunday morning after the churchy crowd gets out they're starving for eggs and pancakes. Please, do not make that yr excuse and yell at yr customers. Don't get pissy w/ me when you've realize you've forgotten to put our drink orders in. GRRR!

When I die, I don't want a funeral. I'm going to be flambeed, ashes scattered in the Bay of Acapulco while "Anywhere I Lay my Head" plays. Then afterward, all my loved ones will drink and tell funny stories about me.

I hate not having leftovers for lunch. Then I'm left scrounging for something half way decent to nibble.

I need my readers' help now more than ever. Please vote on yr fave picture for SB and I to use as our engagement photo/save the date pic.

That is all....


Just A. Girl said...

How do I vote on your photo?

phairhead said...

i'll have them up next week-ish :D