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Thursday, May 13, 2010


The TT questions are brought to you by Berleen, the color of black coffee, which I need more of and the number 8,299,598,330.

Are you a Facebooker? Are you addicted to those stupid games that suck a person in at the drop of a hat? Would you care to share your Facebook identification link so that we may all stalk you be your friend? I am a huge Facebooker, I need Facebook rehab. Sue Bernardi, look me up, perhaps I'll accept yr friend invite.

If you had to be magically transformed into an animal that you loathe, which one would it be? And don't give me those "none" answers... A brown recluse spider

What is the strangest thing you have said to:
That doesn't happen
* get a job?
* get a date?

What cartoon character do you find the most sexiest? Freddy from Scooby Doo, those shoulders!

When dog food is new with improved tasting, who tests it? Doggies

What does OK actually mean? Oscar Kilo

If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth? The core and the same piece of land in an alternate anti-matter universe.

When you were in high school and were sitting in math class... when the day came to learn about 3.14, did you get hungry? What are you talking about? I got hungry when I dissected a frog.

Have you ever been on the radio? Yup, WEQX . I was a big winner

Beans, beans the magical fruit The more you eat, the more you toot The more you toot, the better you feel So let's have beans at every meal!
Why do people say that when beans are vegetables? Beans are legumes but nothing in the flatulent world rhymes w/ legumes.

What about tv? And I don't mean physically on top of the tv either, you silly people. Same goes for the radio question. Nope

Do you think Adam & Eve had belly buttons? Maybe, just so their progeny wouldn't be freaked out when they saw little holes in their tummies

If you were going to own a liquor store or a bar, what would you name it? The Watering Hole

How about you own a grocery store - what's it's name? Food n' Stuff

If you could only watch one tv show for the rest of your life and no other, what would it be? And yes, it's going to be in series form so you don't actually have to watch the same episode over and over. Ab Fab

What was the name of your 3rd grade teacher? Mrs. Chew, her 1st name was Sue. No fooling.

Do you know how to parallel park? Yes and I've gotten ever so much better. I rule!

What kinds of cereal do you have in your home right at this very moment? Bear Naked Fit, almond vanilla flavour.

If you were to have a garage sale tomorrow, what is the first item you own that you would say "I'm selling THAT!"? Well, none of my shit is going anywhere but I 'd be glad to unload some Sexybeast's broken computer shit.


Rachele said...

The yellow is really hard to read. Poor Sue Chew. Was she married or did she at least have a chance to get a new last name?

Ria said...

Great thunks. My friends wife loves Abfab, but I've never watched it.

I am Harriet said...

Interesting cereal name :)

Have a great day!

phairhead said...

Yeah, I don't know how yellow happened or how to change it. Chew was her married name, poor thing.

Harriet, you can find in the organic section of yr grocery store

Anonymous said...

the combination of greens and yellows has set me into an unbreakable trance. eternal has finally gone eternal

facebook farmer

phairhead said...

All part of my grand master scheme! MUHAHAHA!!!!

Albany Jane said...

AHhh, my eyes are bleeding!! Deadly yellow font.

Think I could share a table with you to unload some of Alb John's computer leavings? Someone mentioned how much tech crap he has, and he was all "Oh, no no - this is way less. I'm better." And sadly he was right.

Adoption of Jane said...

Hungry at Frog? LMAO!

phairhead said...

AJ: awww :( I'm sorry about what i did to yr eyes :(

Dijea said...

I can't read the yellow - I must be old.