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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cut the Sheep Dip

Buckle up, bitches, Top Model recap time!

And the hamsters are in New Zealand! I wanna go so bad!! Someday......

After being greeting my Maoris (dang those guys are hot!), the chicks were informed that they had to go on "go-see's". Ha! Can you imagine being on a plane for 22 hours w/ funk mouth and greasy hair & being told you had to go look beautiful for a bunch of designers? And Angelea, whom I hate anyway and think she's secretly a dude, had the most jacked up looking hair ever and still won the freakin' challenge!! Huh?

For the photo shoot, the hamsters had to pose w/ sheep on the hill side. Can you image the smell and the poo? But sheeps are soft, sooooo, I guess I'm a bit conflicted about the thing. And winning photo went to Krista again. Meh. And getting the boot was Alasia for being a scattered mess.

Baa baa for now


Dijea said...

I've been to NZ - start saving and get your a** down there. ITS AWESOME.

phairhead said...

I WANT to soooo badly :D soon, I hope