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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yr a Loon, Yr a Nut, Yr Crazy in the Coconut

I made a collage today in a restorative therapy conference. Working in the DV field I was itching to for some place to release my inner bitch and confront why I've been so unhappy at work.

Boy, am I fucked up! I inadvertently chose words in phrases in bright red that said things like "Irritable", "BIG Girl in a Skinny World", Freak-Out", and other disparaging comments. And for some reason in the corner I have a picture of a couple from the 19th century that look happy and in love.

You figure it out.


Just A. Girl said...

It's OK. We all have not-so-awesome thoughts sometimes.

Albany Jane said...

therapy through cutting paper?

phairhead said...

JAG: thanks for the shoulder

AJ: i kept pretending the paper was my 8th grade teacher's prune face