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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Fat Chicks

We are heading into the home stretch of crowning this season's loser.

So the chicks were flying across the other side of New Zealand for some reason. Which led right into the challenge. Woo hoo! The hamsters had to use the aisle in the airplane as a run way. And Angelea was a total freaking dumb ass and only brought one heel. Who does that?! And the winner was Krista. Yawn....

For the photo shoot, the chicks had to be "pretty/ugly" and push through the over top exaggerated make up and wardrobe. And shock and horror, 2 hamsters were sent home. Krista was called first. Again I say yawn and Angelea (thank God!) and her Adam's apple were sent a-packing along w/ Alexandra. Oy, Alex is so pretty! It makes no sense.

Final 2!


Just A. Girl said...

Which girl was it that Tyra said was too pretty? I was like, that doesn't sound like a major life problem to me. :)

phairhead said...

It was Alex. The longer I watch this show, the more I realize that it has nothing to do w/ real modeling.

Still, it's addictive as M&M's