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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Meme


1) If you could give someone who wasn’t going to get any presents for Christmas something of your own, what would you give them? Jewelry, I guess

2) Write a poem using only words that start with "s". Stop this mess
Stupid people
Shut yr hole
Sexy Sue to the rescue

3) Describe something you’re good at that surprises people, or yourself. I fucking rule in the kitchen! Oh and I'm incredibly bendy.


Anonymous said...

i give away poems for my christmas gifts, 'cause i'm a great poet? no, i'm broke said bendy...

merry christmas, babe

phairhead said...

Happy Holidays, Eternal!

Xoxo Elastic Girl :*

Sophia Walker said...

1. I would give them a lock of my hair, so they can turn me into a voodoo zombie.

2. Only sentences that start with "S?"

Slap my face
Shame on you
See you later.

3. It surprises people that I can cook, sew, sculpt, hunt, fish, type, ski, sleep.

phairhead said...

Sophia: you sleep?!

Sophia Walker said...

I do sleep, but with one eye open.

phairhead said...

yr tricky, Sophia ;-)