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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keep on Keepin' On

I saw Harry Plopper Friday night. Brilliant! I think most of the adaptations of the novels to film have been very well done. I wasn't a fan of "Goblet of Fire" but that was also my least favourite out of the series.

Anyways, the set design was incredible and, holy golly!, Rupert Grint was outstanding.....angst, bitterness....incredible.

And I loved the cliff hanger ending. Voldemort, you evil bastard!

In other news, SB really wanted pizza for lunch on Saturday, so I picked up a take n' bake pie @ Hanaford. The cheese was plentiful, the toppings & sauce were total yum. THE CRUST WAS ABYSMAL!!!! Thick and mushy and did not crisp up at all in the oven. SB says he will never eat Hanaford pie again. Personally, I think if we tweak the temperature and cooking time, it might do the trick. SB says if we spend $9.99 on a pie, we should spend the money on a fresh pie from Marino's.

In late breaking news, Squeaky the cat, just sneezed on me. She's so damn cute that I can't stay mad at her.


Anonymous said...

plopper + potter + pizza = peace

phairhead said...

Eveything is connected :-*

Dijea said...

Loved Harry Potter. I went 1st day will probably do the same for part 2

phairhead said...

part II!!!!!!! can't wait :D