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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sorry for my lateness w/ the Top Chef recap. Yesterday was SB's birthday and we went out for Mexican.

For the Quickfire, Joe Jonas, yes that Jonas that wears the purity ring and plays that bubblegum garbage, was the guest judge. The cheftestants had to make a portable kid's snack. Jamie grumbles about how much she hates children. Hmmmm, you know where that attitude will get ya, turkey lips?! The losers were Mike I (HA! HA!) because who wants to eat chocolate covered polenta, Tiffany's big crumbly mess & Stephan's unmarried flavours (Joe Jonas said that! Who knew?) And there's a twist of course! There was a tie between Tiffani's Snoball/whoopie pie & Spike's (blech!) carrot & potato chips w/ dip. Really? Blech! And they have to split into 2 teams to make all the snacks for kids at a museum. Tiff won, 'natch. Carrots vs. marshmallow, carrots don't stand a chance.

For the Elimination Challenge, the 2 teams had to cook breakfast for the kiddies and their parents the next morning. Since Tiff won the Quickfire, she had the choice of either making an entire breakfast w/ either just meat & dairy or just fruit & veg. She chose the carnivore foods but her team sucked. Spike's veggie heads won & Fabio got extra props for making gnocchi. I have many problems w/ this. #1 Fabio always makes pasta...ALWAYS. #2 I think it's a cop out to make gnocchi for breakfast...not a breakfast food.

While the losers stood in front of the judges, Jen defended her bland eggs and soggy pork belly bacon to the point where she was very belligerent to the judges. Practically screaming. It was uncomfortable. And Jamie cut her finger and needed 2 stitches.....2. And was not around for the majority of the day. She cooked nothing and yet she was not sent home. Good bye Crazy Pants Jen!

P.S. She remained composed for her exit interview but, boy, was she a-cussing & screeching off camera.


Jon in Albany said...

Oh no! It's a tie!...Luckily we have a tie breaker event all set up. That was close!

I think fatigue got to Jen. I've had to pull a few all-nighters in the past year for work. It messes with your head. I was baby sitting a computer system, not tasting things for proper seasoning. I imagine it was a very difficult challenge. The poor chefs were cooking probably 5 hours before they are used to getting up.

That team was down a chef for most of the challenge and it didn't seem that they were that far behind. Not saying I could do it, but it seems like a lot of chefs go on with worse injuries.

I liked Jen and thought she would do better. I'm not sure the judges really looked past her talking back like Tom said he would.

phairhead said...

Jon: I agree that Jen's sassy mouth got her booted...stupid Jamie