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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monkey Do, Monkey Don't

Top Chef recap, y'all!

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants are randomly split into 4 teams of 4 for a mise-en-place relay. However, instead of the winners receiving immunity, they will be a big chunk of money. Works for me! They must break down racks of lamb, clean & peel artichokes and mince garlic. Think large quantities, people.

Oh but wait, there's more! The first team to finish their prep has 15 minutes to create a dish w/ said ingredients. However, the longer it takes the other teams to finish, the less time they have to cook. You didn't think it would be that easy, did ya?

So, even though the cocky bastards on the green & red teams finished first, they're dishes sucked. The wieners of the big sack o' money was Blue Team consisting of Stephen, Tre, Blais & Spike w/ their lamp chop and artichoke 3 ways & aioli. Sexybeast has enough of the cheftestants doing "trios".

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants stayed in their groups & were assigned a famous NY restaurant, then cook head to head (to head to head) against their team mates to create a dish done in the style of the said restaurant.

Antonia, Angelo, Tre & Dale T. (Mr. Asshole!) all were top contenders. Out of this group I wanted Antonia's playful peas n' carrots to win. But alas, top honours went to Mr. Asshole's pork belly & "breakfast flavours" ramen. Grr! If he wins, I'm putting my foot through the TV. This week's suckers were Dale L., Fabio, Stephen & Tiffani (poop!). And it was a real nail biter! Oh did I forget to mention it was a double elimination this week? I thought Stephen & Fabio were going home & I was half right. Goodbye, Stephen! I'll miss yr beautifully starched shirts. And....Dale L. Say what?! The judges are definitely not fucking around w/ the cheftestants this season.

Stay tuned..


Jon in Albany said...

I was surprised to see Dale go. I thought it was going to be Stephen and Fabio. I don't think Stephen is working the line right now. He knows flavors, he just probably isn't cooking as much as he used to cook. And Fabio is seeming to be a one trick pasta pony this season. There are only so many times you can be in the bottom few and escape elimination.

Overall, I thought this episode was decent. Reasonable challenges and good competition. I hope they can keep it up.

phairhead said...

Agreed, loved the Quickfire!

I never liked Fabio, I can't understand the hype