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Saturday, June 11, 2011


The fiesty & always hi-larious Mrs. Pickle chose this humble but cute little nerd w/ an awesome award. I just need to list 7 unknown facts about me....this is incredibly hard as this is the 3rd anniversary of this here blog. BUT w/out further ado....

1. I refuse to answer anyone if they say "Whatever" to's rude and dismissive!

2. I don't understand how Drake got to be so popular...he sucks! He grew up on the "mean" streets of Toronto, had every economic advantage given to him and for some reason his diction sounds like he's a 7th grade drop out....GO AWAY!

3. Whenever I'm in a crowded place, I have weird compulsion to lift up my skirt and flash my undies to people.

4. Guiness Stout tastes like sweaty socks, I will never drink it.

5. I don't want to fritter away my writing talent.

6. Red eyes scare the bejesus out of me...I can't watch "Children of the Damned" or "The Stand"...I have unspeakable nightmares

7. I should have eloped!


Anonymous said...

It's "Guinness!" Respect Sir Arthur!

phairhead said...


Anonymous said...

Sir Arthur Guinness, the man that STARTED the company.