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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kick the Bucket

10 things we haven’t done yet that we would really like to do. Kind of a mini-bucket-list. What’s on your list?

1. See the Violent Femmes live
2. Be debt free
3. Travel to New Zealand
4. Finish the house
5. Lose weight & keep it off
6. Try not to be such an asshole to myself
7. Shop at the Betsy Johnson boutique in NYC
8. Vacation for entire summer
9. Get published
10. Get freaky outside


Mrs. Pickle said...

# 5 works best if you start to do crack

phairhead said...

Oh yes! The crack diet! Not sure I'd like what it does to skin & teeth though...thanks, Mrs. Pickle! I know you got me

the late phoenix said...

i'd LOVE #9, but i'd settle for #10

phairhead said...

Phoenix, you live @ #10 ;-)