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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today’s topic is your (personal) top 10 music picks. No need to link videos.
Hmmm....kinda broad...not specific goes

1. "White Horse" by Goldfrapp
2. "I Know what I am" by Band of Skulls
3. "The Dog Days are over" by Florence + the Machine
4. "Blind Mary" by Gnarls Barkley
5. "Over the Hills and Far Away" by Led Zeppelin
6. "Lovely Rita" by The Beatles
7. "Ping Pong" by Stereolab
8. "Heretics" by Andrew Bird
9. "Last Time in Paris" by Queensryche
10. "See a Little Light" by Bob Mould


Stacy said...

Holy crap, I'm feeling old. 5 and 6 are the only two I know.

phairhead said...

Yr not old! I just have very specific tastes :D

Beth Zimmerman said...

I'd at least heard of the Beatles but I don't recognize that song. Thanks for playing! :)

phairhead said...

Beth, get yrself a copy of Sgt. Pepper's....amazing amazing album

Mrs. Pickle said...

How about "Pinball Wizard" by the Who?

phairhead said...

Mrs. Pickle: that is the song of my childhood! yr the awesomest!