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Thursday, June 9, 2011


The return of the Thursday Top Ten!

Today’s topic is …. Your Top 10 Summer Foods! We all know that when it’s over 100 degrees outside (thank you Oklahoma) and the air conditioner is working overtime … nobody wants to do much baking … or cooking for that matter. So what do you eat when it’s just too hot to cook?

1. Corn on the cob...grilled of course w/ lots of black pepper and Smart Balance
2. Cold iced tea w/ fresh mint, this works out great for me since I have an iced tea maker.
3. Shish kabobs/spiedinis....meat and veggies on a stick. We need more foods on sticks!
4. Berries, berries, berries
5. Peaches and nectarines
6. My special low fat tortellini salad, I found it in "Cooking Light" 7 years ago and now it's a standard in my house and at parties
7. Coronitas in the lake. I'm not a huge beer fan but DAMN nothing beats a cold one on a sweltering day
8. Potato salad....a teensy bit o' mayo, bacon and peas. I'm deprived of this unless I visit my mother as SB thinks mayo is Satan's spooge.
9. Ice cream
10. Sangria...I have secret recipe but shh! it's a secret.


Stacy said...

Everyone in our house but me thinks mayo is "satan's spooge". Even my mom, the maker of the potato salad hates the stuff, so she found this awesome recipe that uses a bit of relish and....french dressing. Only orange potato salad I've ever seen, but it's the best!

phairhead said...

eep not the french sweet my taste buds ;-)

Mrs. Pickle said...

I hate mayo. It is fucking sick

phairhead said...

Mrs. Pickle: yr fucking A right! Down w/ mayo!

jennifer said...

I've started a new meme that posts questions on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please come check it out: