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Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Late

This week in honor of my participation in the Summer Thoughts A – Z Challenge, and the fact that the letter of the day is *G*, I thought I would make today’s Top 10 List a celebration of glorious gewgaws and gadgets that begin with the letter G. I’d be gratified if you would create your own list, link up and join in!

1. Google Doodles, they remind me of the illustrations from Highlights Magazine
2. Green, my fave colour
3. Guacamole, it's green and avocados kick ass
4. Gardens, SB has an exceptional green thumb....fresh veggies and herbs all summer
5. Gelato, nom nom nom
6. Grass, one the best smells ever
7. Grace, it's a great word
8. Grois grain ribbon
9. Giggling
10. Gustav Klimpt


Beth Zimmerman said...

Giggling is pretty glorious! :) I have never tried gelato! Going to have to add that to the bucket list!

Thanks for joining in this week!

Unknown said...

Gelato = amazing bliss. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm :-)

And I'm giggling here at the struggles I would have with listing words starting with one letter without an excessively long commentary for each ;-) You're amazing!

phairhead said...

Klo: it's weird, I write & talk a lot but when it comes to making lists, I keep it brief

Mrs. Pickle said...

Have you ever had pistachio gelato?

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Good list.
~Naila Moon

phairhead said...

Mrs. Pickle: yes & it's fucking amazing!