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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hitching Post

No one ever prepares you for the cold feet. I wanted to run away, elope, fast forward through time.

100 people were going to be staring at me. I would cry in public. My guests would be miserable at the reception. Possibly a fight would break out.

None of this happened. There was a small snafu w/ the entrance music & my mother tied the wedding bands too tightly to the pillow but other than that it was a joyous day.

I smiled, I beamed. I oozed happiness from every pore. We stood in front of the JP holding hands & I thought, "I get to fucking marry the best person I've ever known! How fucking great is that?"

Marriage has also been very profitable for us as well. With all the gift cards and discounts, we got the top o' the line Dyson for $95. Plus, we have a small joint savings account.

Honeymoon next year to Costa Rica!