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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Can't Afford Me

My weekend was full of sex, sex, sex. Now before yr dirty minds jump to a very obvious conclusion, I'm actually speaking of all the movies I watched recently.

I was really excited to check out the latest from Steven Soderburg, "The Girlfriend Experience". The big buzz surrounding the film was that the female lead was being played by real life porn star, Sasha Grey. There were many things I liked about "The Girlfriend Experience", the fact that the viewer is thrust right into the lives of this call girl and her boyfriend, the gorgeous cinematography, the naturalness of the dialogue and weirdly enough, for a film about sex there was no actual sex scenes. And it works.

That being said, I have a big BUT w/ "TGE". Sasha fucking Grey! Ugh! Other than her looks, Grey has nothing going for her. She's boring, flat and uninspiring. And if you haven't seen "TGE" and you want to, please disregard the rest of this post. Basically, Grey becomes attracted to one of her clients. I despised the casual way she tells her boyfriend that she 's planning 0n spending the weekend w/ another dude (client she's suddenly become smitten w/) and then gets annoyed (I think it was annoyance, very hard to tell when you can't express emotions. Maybe Sasha Grey is a cybernetic being) w/ boyfriend for being "selfish". And, get this, the character is obsessed w/ numerology/astrology bullshit. Oh, yeah, nothing says high class call girl like following some crack pot hokum.

For a really great look at the prostitution game, check out Billie Piper in the Showtime/ITV show "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl". The show is based on the blog/memoirs of real life London working girl "Belle du Jour".

Off to bed now....


The Girl Least Likely To said...

I have that on my Netflix queue and I still haven't gotten around to watching it (it's on instant viewing). I guess it's one of those movies that I feel I need to be in the mood for to watch...but since you think Sasha Grey isn't up to par, I'm totally curious now!

phairhead said...

instant viewing is the greatest invention known to man :D

SheenV said...

I'm curious too. I've seen a lot of Sasha's adult videos and I think she's a great adult actress. That being said, acting in mainstream and adult films are quite different.

phairhead said...

Sheen, you gotta trust me. She was a flat, boring character but somehow it's still a really good film