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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Walk the Line

My eyes are not closed. I'm looking demure w/ fierce black eye makeup.

Isn't this gorgeous? My swap meet friend Zom ( sent me this amazing package. At the top we have few of her fave recipes, I can't wait to try out the cherry ice box cookies, representing a new beginning we have some earth and seedlings (Bells of Ireland), an awesome handmade scarf (my grey coat is very happy about this!) and a fancy pen and pad of paper. All made even better w/ an eloquent and sweet note on pretty fancy papers and ribbons.

I really happy about that last gift, sometimes I get an idea or a phrase and now I have a way of remembering my genius. Oh wait, that's right. I can't write anymore. I have no spark for it right now. So I'm counting on that gift to smack some inspiration into my cloudy head.

I also learned something important. I immediately starting comparing myself to Zom. The attention to detail, the legible handwriting, the thoughtfulness of each gift. How can I measure up? But I won't. I'm gonna give her a Phairhead style of gift, sloppy, weird and awesome.

We went to one of our local pubs last night for the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash. A night of music celebrating The Man in Black. I drank seltzer w/ lime slices all night. The highlight was this 10 year old kid that played guitar and sang my theme song "A Boy Named Sue". Good times good times.

I don't want everyday to be like Sunday.


Albany Jane said...

Yeah nightlife! I would not be able to drink just seltzer all night, lol.

phairhead said...

I was being a cheap skate 'cause I didn't want to pay for a cab ride home :D

Leslie said...

You look great and I love that scarf!