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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And the Loser is......

Well the last episode of America's Next Top Model has finally aired. The good, the bad and the not so attractive.

We are down to the final 3. Sam, the ham, cute and commercial and ever so annoying. Annaleigh, cute, commercial and boring. McKey, stunningly beautiful and not that annoying or boring. McKey has been a favourite since day one.

There are no more challenges. We dive right into the requisite Cover Girl commercial and photo shoot for some new crappy Cover Girl lip gloss. It's basically just public humiliation for the chicks seeing as how they can't really act. The photos were OK, nothing really to be amazed at. That's my own personal belief, I prefer weird artsy shit. McKey is called first and Annaleigh goes home.

Then the weird, wonderful fashion show. Every year the producers of Top Model try to get the 2 finalists to fall on the runway. This year the runway is made out of pink Nerf and they have to run up a hill. Strains of Kate Bush are humming in my ears.

McKey had the better walk and thus is this season's winner. Last time they picked a winner that I adored, she ended up in the gutter looking like..... well gutter trash.

Top Chef will be taking over my Wednesday posts. And Top Model will be back in March '09. You better work, bitches!

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