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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sacre Bleu!

Top Model recap, only one more epi to go.

This week the lesson/challenge was about emoting w/out speaking. Actually a valuable lesson when yr a print model. Much more useful than the stupid makeup challenges. Honestly, when would a model ever have to do her own makeup..... in a speeding car...... in under 10 minutes. I'm just sayin'. The chicks were in a "commercial" in which they had to run on a tread mill make eye contact w/ a male model who is in a "cab" and smooch him passionately on the lips. Marjorie, my lovely lady, won for being the most natural.

Then she boozed it up w/ some Dutch boys and jumped into the hot tub fully clothed. It was no season 2 Shandi "YOU HAD SEX!" but still entertaining.

This week's photo shoot had the chicks dolled up in couture avantgard pieces posing in front of traditional Dutch windmills. This week's wiener was Annaleigh, meh. And going home was Marjorie. WHAT? NOOOOOO!!!! I adored her. My only consolation is the fact that winning Top Model is mostly a joke and hinders a chick if she wants to legitimately model.

Final 3 final epi. My prediction: Annaleigh. Wholesome, can act, a dummy. It's all good.

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