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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weird Vagina Shaving Party

It's ANTM recap time!

Lots o' action in this epi. The chicks first challenge was to split into 3 teams of 2 and navigate their way from the airport in Amsterdam to their new digs. Winning team will win 50 extra frames at the photo shoot. Elina (sorta yeah) and Sam the ham won. Let me tell in 1990's slang they are living in a pretty phat pad.

Then there was this weird tension in the house 'cause 3 of the hamsters all hopped in the tub together. And the other 3 bitches were all "whoa! that's strange." and complaining that the revelers were too loud. Did anybody say "Hey pipe down in the bathtub!"? Nope, they would rather be catty and passive aggressive.

Surprise! Another challenge. Again split into 3 teams of 2, the chicks were posing in couture clothes from Dutch designers in "red light" district windows. It was really neat. I'm kinda obsessed with going to Amsterdam to check out the "red light" district and the sex museum and all that other kinky shit. Someday, readers, someday. Mackey, whom I normally love but was being a total asshat in this episode, and Sam the ham won.

This week's photo shoot had the ladies posing on a boat. Top photo went to Mackey. I still say Hurray 'cause she's unusually beautiful and has wicked cool S&M medieval faire jewelry. Going back to the States was Sheena, the Japanese/Korean American wannabe Kimora Lee Simmons. I won't miss her, she was really annoying.

Next week: go-sees!


Smirking Cat said...

I had a boyfriend who went to Amsterdam, and that's all he talked about when he was drunk. Some men get this Beavis-as-Cornhulio-like, rabid, hopped-up look, like "Sex! Sex! Sex!" He's now an ex (thank god), and I have no desire to see Amsterdam, thanks to him!

Lydia said...

Ah Amsterdam. I don't remember my weekend of debauchery there well at all. I just remember we were there over a three day weekend, there was a lot of dog poop on the sidewalks, and the herbs were mighty fine! :) said...