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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Go and See

Well my friends, Top Model is coming to a swift end and to fill that void I will recapping Top Chef on Wednesdays. I'm crazy about tops I guess.

This week the chicks had to travel by river canoe type things and navigate the streets of Amsterdam to go on "go sees" with a time limit. Poor Marjorie, she got confused and cried. Then there was the usual bitchiness 'cause Mackey would have been the winner but she was 5 minutes late, so Annaleigh won instead. Ladies, word o' advice, "let it go".

This week's photo shoot was Tyra Banks' trying to prove to the world that she can do other stuff than model. She was the photographer for the shoot and the theme was one natural look and one over the top makeup side by side kinda thing all in black and white. Honestly, it was a kool idea.

The big wiener was Sam the Ham. And to totally sound like teenage girl from 2004 "I am so over Sam". Seriously, I don't see what the big deal is, she's just kinda meh. And going home was Elina, 'cause she's overly tattooed and uptight.

Oohh, down to the Final Four!

1 comment:

Lydia said...

Sam...wasn't she on ANTM before? I think there was a dumb blonde who was fearful of being harnesses a few cycles back who looked EXACTLY like Sam. Hated that girl and am also not loving this variation. Geesh.

Oh and you know that commercial thing they have about Top Models in Action? sister refers to it as Top Models in TRACTION. Kinda fitting.

AND! ANTM makes me think of ATM and I don't mean the bank version of ATM....if you know what I mean. Barf.