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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Colour Code

OK, so this was a really kick ass epi of Top Model. These bitches are crazy! Lots of screaming and Celia big chin trying to be the bigger person and Tahlia's "posse" sticking up for her. Since when did Tahlia have any friends?

Plus the challenge was totally freakin' weird! The hamsters had to pose in cardboard cut outs. Kinda like when you go to the fair and hey look I'm a mermaid standing next to a sailor! And Nathalie, who's kinda an ass hat, gave good face and won 50 extra frames on her photo shoot.

And speaking of which, for the photo shoot, the chicks were posing in beauty shoots w/ brightly coloured powder blown into their faces. You just know that make up artist Sutan was really hoping to blind one of those bitches. Oh, and the best part, the chicks had evoke the spirit of that colour. Fo of the sexy red got winning photo of the week. I like her, she has some pretty sweet freckles. And getting the boot was Sandra, the jackass in white. She was a total jerk. So long, sucker!

And one tiny rant before I go. Why did they take away viewer's choice on Top Model? Not that I ever voted but hey give the viewing public their voice back! I noticed that viewer's fave had little to do w/ what the judges thought. Hmmmmmm.....

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