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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sorry about the Top Model recap delay. I met up a friend from the past and some good red wine and some photos. But more on that later....

This epi has got to be my least favourite. The turnips had to act. Why? Very very very few supermodels can actually act. And those spokesmodel gals in commercials are actors, not models.

For the challenge, we had to suffer through the hamsters acting along side Clay Aiken. Ugh. I despise Mr. Aiken w/ every fibre of my being. SexyBeast turned to me and said, "They're really getting that excited over Clay Aiken?" The best of the worst was London. I like that little ham.

Since it was all about the acting, there was no photo shoot. Instead everybody acted in a group commercial for CoverGirl's new crap foundation. It was laborious having to watch this tripe. The big wiener of the week was Celia. Meh. She didn't suck as much as the others. And getting the boot is whiner Tahlia for the camera loving her but her not reciprocating those feelings.

And most surprising of all, was the judges' harshness w/ London. She was told never to wear shorts to judging again because they make her ass and hips look HUGE. And then the camera guy zoomed in on her ass! Sheesh, not her fault she's pear shaped.

Check you all on the flip side.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? You have no taste whatsoever.

Lilseed said...

I don't watch this show, but thought I would check in to see if you'd watched Rachel Getting Married? Did you like it?

Lydia said...

I love anonymous haters. They come in handy for testing out blogger's "delete comment" tool.

Smirking Cat said...

Seriously? Anonymous has no guts whatsoever or he/she would post a name.

phairhead said...

lilseed, i haven't seen it yet. i went to bed at 9pm & boyfriend isn't super psyched about viewing it. so i've made a date w/ myself to watch it monday evening.

lydia: I'm working on a plan.


Dijea said...

You should so block anonymous comments. Just because. It frustrates me that there are some people who 1) have to hide 2) have to bring others down to feel better.

F - anonoymous.